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About Me

I’m an Irish Artist, living in Edinburgh Scotland.
I love History, Mystery and Creativity!
Eleanor Christopher
Living just a few miles away from Rosslyn Chapel, dedicated to History, Mystery, and Creativity.
  • Artist, writer, gardener & explorer
  • Living in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland with my kilted partner
  • Relocated from Tipperary, Southern Ireland
  • Self confessed social media recluse – trying hard to remedy this!
  • World traveller & explorer
  • I like Outlander, Da Vinci Code and all good mysteries
  • Bach, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, world music
  • Mindfulness practitioner & organic gardening nut
  • Upcycler of clothes & furniture
  • Lover of french language & culture,
  • Fave motto: “Approach love & cooking with reckless abandon”
  • Full time professional Artist
  • Diploma in Botanical Illustration with Distinction from the renowned Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Diana E. Carmichael Award for Outstanding Work in Botanical Illustration
  • The Eve Bennett Award for ‘Most Progress in the Subject of Botanical Illustration’
  • Member of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA) and the Scottish Society of Botanical Artists (SSBA)
  • BISCOT (Botanical Images Scotia) Silver-Gilt Award
  • Teacher of Botanical Art

The Story....

Until now, you probably haven’t heard of me as my work has not been available to view or buy. Why? Because I am a self-confessed social media recluse (I don’t even carry a mobile phone or own a TV!) BUT all this is going to change and I’m slowly catching up with this century!

I relocated from home in Tipperary, Southern Ireland to Scotland to progress from amateur watercolourist to full-time professional artist. My love of botany and gardening pointed me in the direction of botanical illustration and I completed the 2 year diploma course at the world renowned Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

I now live a few miles from Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh, and like many of its world-wide visitors, one visit had me captivated and sparked a journey entwining history, mystery and creativity.

My botanical illustrations, inspired by the stone vegetation carvings inside the chapel, took over 18 months to complete. I grew the plants, that were represented in the carvings, in my garden and painted life size from fresh living specimens*.

After completing my ‘Rosslyn Stone Garden Collection ™’, I noticed other carvings of gargoyles & grotesques in obscure places around the chapel. They seemed to be saying “Hey! What about us?”, so I decided to bring them back to life & reveal the hidden faces crying out for recognition.

Who are these guys? Did they really have monkeys in 15th century Scotland? What is the significance of the green men? Why is the mermaid upside down?…

More and more questions arose with each Forgotten Face that I studied and painted.

As an amateur explorer, I’d love to find the answers to these and many other questions. I will be looking for more clues from my detailed studies of each carving, and as they are revealed I will share them with you first. (Be sure you are signed up to the Newsletter!)

Perhaps you, or your family and friends will have your own theories as to the hidden meanings of the various characters and I’d love to hear about them in the comments in the Journal posts.

Join me as we piece together parts of the puzzle, and make sense of this unsolved ancient mystery!

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